Tips To Improve Your Vocabulary


Vocabulary is very important. Whether it’s about your daily life or to improve your writing skills, you need to have a good command over vocabulary. However, if you are lacking in some ways in terms of vocabulary, here are a few things you can do—

  • Read a lot

    Reading helps the most when it comes to improving your vocabulary. Read anything you find. News paper, books, articles, novels, reviews, research paper, magazines, everything. Read even if you do understand it properly. Note down the new words you find. Try to look into the dictionary for the meaning.

  • Read high quality literature

    High quality literature helps you a lot when it comes to learning vocabulary. Go for fiction and science fiction. Read about psychology, religion and war stories.

  • Set a goal for you

    Set a goal that you will learn this much words in a day or you will end up learning this much words at the end of the month. Set a goal learning at least 20 new words, including their meaning and synonyms. Make sure you remember each word at the end of the month.

  • Use a journal

    Make a list of the new words you are learning every day. Near the word, put the meaning of the word along with the synonyms. Synonyms help a lot while learning a new word.

  • Work on your context skills

    Pay close attention to how words are used in a particular sentence. Start writing your own sentences using the new word you have earned.

  • Do a lot of practice

    Once you learn a new word, try to use that word every day. What is the use of learning a new word if you promptly forget it? Make at least 10-15 times repetition every day unless it’s copied in your mind.

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