How to Write a Dissertation Methodology


A dissertation methodology is the section of your dissertation where you explain your way of research, how did you gather your data, the source of your data and the technique you have used to gather the data.

Your dissertation methodology should give enough information to your reader about your dissertation preparing methods, but you do not have to put any interviews, reviews or questionnaires.

Here are a few tips for you on how to write a dissertation methodology. Just have a look—

  • Explain the methods you have used – In methodology, explaining your methods are very important. Explaining your methods will not just tell the readers in detail about how your method was conducted, but also show how the methods you used served your purposes, and were more appropriate to your area of study than other methods.
  • Put all the details – Before you start your dissertation methodology, always remember that dissertation methodology is all about details. Your dissertation is full of research, full of information and you have to let your reader know everything in detail in your methodology. The methodology section will help your readers to understand exactly what you have aimed to do, which sources you chose to gather the information. You also need to let your readers know why you chose the particular source to gather information.
  • Draft your research – While you are gathering information and doing you research, draft them or write them. That will help you help you to prepare your methodology earlier and better. You anyways have to put everything in details.
  • Your dissertation methodology structure – Your methodology structure matters a lot and there are a few ways you can do that. Here is a sample for you—
  • Start with your research overview. In research overview you need to reiterate the topic of your research.
  • After your research overview column, you need to explain your research design. You need to explain in detail about your aim, you need to explain what you are trying to accomplish.
  • The data collection part is very important. As your dissertation is prepared with the help of a lot of data, you need to explain how you have been able to collect those data. What are the sources, the reason behind you using those particular sources or why that particular way of collecting the data is more convenient than the others—explain everything.
  • You need to analyze your data thoroughly. You need to explain the importance of your data in every specific context of your research. Let your readers know if your result is conclusive. Make sure you also include the type of your data; whether it’s quantitative or qualitative.

The success of your dissertation in relies on your methodology and the methods you choose to do research. However, I believe that if you want to get it right, then it’s worth spending a good amount of time in it. Well, if you have been finding it hard to write a proper methodology, then go through the tips I have just provided you. Good Luck!


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