A Beginner’s Guide to Business Writing


Writing a business letter or an email can be tricky at times as a lot of things depend on how you write it. Business writing, just like any other forms of writing, does have a few rules and regulations. If you are someone who is going to be a part of any corporate organization or soon going to have your own start up or business, then you might have to deal with a lot of business letters or emails. So here are a few tips for you on how to write a perfect business letter or an email—

  • The start (How to address) – Most people get stuck on this particular phase and once they can begin, they can handle the other part pretty well. The start of a business letter is somewhat complicated. You may not really know how to address or what to start with. So for the starters, address the person with “Dear”, followed by the person’s name. For example, Dear John. Or if you do not share a friendly bond with that particular person then you can address the person with his last name; for instance, write “Dear, Mr. Diggle”.
  • The first sentence of the letter – Your first sentence should let them know what the letter is about. Or what makes the letter important. For instance, “We are pleased to inform you that the sales report for this month seems to be quite satisfactory and it has reached the level beyond our expectation.”
  • Your letter should be persuasive – The letter should make the reader feel important. To make the message more persuasive, use the words “you” and “your” or both in your first sentence. For example, “I am glad to announce that you and your team have been chosen for our next project in Canada.”

Now here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you write a business letter—

  • The business letter format – You have to know the business letter format. The letter should be typed and composed in either “Arial” or “Times New Roman” font. You need to use one inch margins on each side of the paper.
  • The right paper format – Your business letter should be printed only in a “letter size” paper i.e. 8.5” by 11”.
  • Information about your company must be included – The letter should contain your company name, address, city or town and the state. If you are going to print on the company letter head, then there is no need of such information. When you are typing the company information, it should either be at the extreme right or extreme left. Include your country name if you are sending the letter outside the country.
  • The date and recipient’s information – Your letter should contain the date of typing and the recipient’s full name, company, address and designation. Put all the information in separate lines, just a few lines below the date.
  • Do not use passive voice – In your business letter if you are putting any request or explaining a situation, then you should not use passive voice. Everything should be in active voice.
  • Be very clear and precise – The letter should be simple, short, clear and precise. Try to finish it one page. Do not use any complex words or sentences.
  • Be polite and wrap up in a proper way – Even if you are writing the letter to complain about something, do not use any harsh words. Be cautious and polite. When you are finishing your letter, wrap it up in a proper way.
  • The end – Look for a good closure sentence and end it. Put “yours sincerely” at the end, and type your name, designation and company name. After you print out the letter, sign it with a pen.

Here are a few tips for you on how to write business writing. It’s always been sophisticated and a little knowledge would help you with the best business writing. Good Luck!

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